A Man’s Gotta Do What a Man’s Gotta Do

by Terri Whiting


Dear Botoxgirl,

My husband needs Botox. He has terrible lines on his forehead. How can I get him to try Botox without hurting his feelings?

J. H. La Crescenta


Dear J.H.

A lot of men have deep lines on their foreheads. Maybe the rough and rugged John Wayne look is more appealing to most men, but I think men should use Botox.

Next time you have a treatment, bring him with you for a consultation. He may surprise you!

Also, I would let your husband know that I can use ice or numbing cream to make his treatment as comfortable as possible.


Dear Botoxgirl,

I have heard about the “other Botox.” What is it?

K.L Tujunga


Dear K.L.

The “other Botox” is most likely Dysport.

Dysport is great! It only take two days to start taking effect and it lasts up to four months. Another difference is that Dysport allows more movement.


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