CD-7 Candidates Mix and Mingle at The Agave Grill

by David DeMullé

Last Wednesday, the Foothills Trails District NC did the impossible: they got all 20 remaining CD-7 candidates and a few others together. The gathering took place at the Angeles National Golf Course’s Agave Grill. About 150 concerned residents arrived to meet and chat with the candidates and get a more personal insight into what the candidates would do for the S-T community if elected. Candidates had flyers, pamphlets and balloons touting their candidacy for the different positions listed in the voting ballot and were happy to discuss their platforms. Servers walked through the crowd passing out delightful hors d’oeuvres. Only a few people were seen stuffing them in their pockets.

At one point it appeared that the room was going to be too small but with people coming and going, it made the evening event almost cozy. The candidates were happily meeting the people who mattered the most, those who were concerned enough to actually want to talk to them. Everybody who was anybody was there. Of course Wally Horton showed up in her road-kill animal coat to the laughter of the people who know her. (It was great to NOT see Brian Cotton passing out his “help me” flyers.)

All in all, a really good time was had by all.

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