Protect Pets During Flooding

by Amber Kingsley

The recent record-breaking rainfall has an effect not only on us, but also on our pets. Ever since the long-awaited arrival of the Pineapple Express has arrived in California and other parts of the West Coast, the Golden State has been hammered with flooding.

Usually Southern California and the greater Los Angeles area is absent from very much in the way of severe weather and cold spells. But if there is the threat of more rising waters in the immediate future, here are some tips on protecting your pets from flooding and possible evacuations.

Emergency Kit
Before disaster strikes, pet and homeowners should always be prepared with an emergency kit. Be sure to include your animals in this equation when packing the contents of this kit. It’s recommended they contain plenty of fresh batteries, a radio and flashlight, but don’t forget: Enough fresh water and pre-packaged food for both you and your pet to pack your first-aid kit with extra gauze and medications for animal use. Even if your pet is microchipped, make sure they’re wearing ID tags and have all your pet’s paperwork and medication in a sealed, watertight bag. Remember their treats and anything else that will make them feel more comfortable.

Keep your pet carriers nearby with their favorite toys and blankets inside. Speaking of blankets, ensure there’s enough extra covers and towels for your pet’s use as well as your own and that of your family. If your animal is especially sensitive to stress, consider natural relief like Bach’s Rescue Remedy, which as its name implies, is meant to calm pets in these types of relocation circumstances. This all natural, calming solution is a wonderful solution for these types of stressful situations.

Shelter Alternatives
In the event evacuations are in order, before you’re in a position to flee, make sure the place you will be staying allows pets. A quick online search will make a last minute trip to this type of location a welcoming environment. Better yet, see if you can make some prior arrangements with a family member or friend who lives someplace safer residing on higher ground.

There’s no way of knowing if we’ll get an inch of rain or several feet of snow. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when preparing for unexpected weather conditions.

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