LeRoy Mack McNees and Gloryland Play Bluegrass

LeRoy Mack McNees has resided in Sun Valley for more than 40 years. He has been involved in bluegrass music for 50-plus years. He plays the Dobro guitar (resonator guitar) and has traveled the world singing and playing his music. In 1961, he was on the TV’s Andy Griffith Show with “The Country Boys,” aka “The Kentucky Colonels.”

McNees was the co-founder of “The Born Again Bluegrass Band” that was together for 31 years. He is the recipient of the “Los Angeles treasures award” for outstanding contributions to the city of Los Angeles in the area of Bluegrass music. He has recorded with John Denver, Vince Gill, Andy Griffith and many others. He has five CDs available.

Gloryland is the name of the new group LeRoy has assembled. Each member of the band is a very accomplished player with many years of experience, and each one has a deep love for the music. The music features original songs, traditional bluegrass favorites and lots of humor.

Craig Wilson plays guitar and mandolin as well as sings lead and harmony. He was a member of The Born Again Bluegrass Band for 15 years and continues to be very active in the bluegrass community. Wilson is a master luthier of very high quality mandolins.

Jerry Kinkade plays mandolin and is one of the best tenor singer west of the Pecos. Kinkade was a member of The Born Again Bluegrass Band for eight years. He has written some fine bluegrass songs and recorded on several bluegrass projects.

Roger Phillips plays banjo and guitar and sings lead. He has been part of the California Bluegrass scene for more than 35 years. He holds the record for the longest running bluegrass gig in California and maybe the world.

Evan Winsor plays bass and anything else with stings on it. He is a graduate of the Berklee School of Music in Boston MA. Winsor teaches music and is in high demand for recording sessions. His rock-solid bass playing sets up a firm foundation for the band.

They will be performing at La Crescenta Baptist church, 4441 La Crescenta Ave, La Crescenta, at 5 p.m. on June 3. The concert is free and a free

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