McDonald’s Introduces Snaplications, Making Millennial Job Seekers Exceptionally Happy

McDonald’s is facing the busy summer season and has come up with quite the interesting approach of recruiting employees for the extra jobs needed.

They’re looking for about 25,000 people for positions in their 14,000 restaurants across the nation and they’re turning to Snapchat for help.

The idea behind it is simple — each McDonald’s will start accepting Snaplications from Snapchat, which allows potential employees to film themselves in a 10-second clip that shows them wearing a McDonald’s uniform. This video audition will be sent to the local restaurants via Snapchat’s local filter, and after they are accepted, McDonald’s will send back a link to a digital application.

As a way to get people inspired to apply, the McDonald’s nationwide Snapchat account shows employees explaining the benefits of working for the chain and why anyone should consider working there. If the viewer wants to learn more, they can swipe up on the page and then find out what career options are available and learn more.

Why Snapchat? McDonald’s goes through an astounding number of employees, mostly due to high turnover. And considering that $11 billion is lost across the country annually due to employee turnover, they are trying to directly market the younger Millennial generation who are applying for these jobs. The majority of all applicants are between the ages of 16 and 24, so considering that social media is as prevalent as ever with these users, McDonald’s hopes that this simple application process will really work to entice potential employees.

“We thought Snaplications was a great way to allow us to meet job seekers where they are — their phones,” explains Jez Langhorn, McDonald’s USA’s senior director of human resources, the Chicago Tribune reports.

On any given day, McDonald’s boasts 375,000 employees across the world. They started using Snaplications in Australia earlier in May and saw such great success that they have officially decided to roll it out in their biggest market, the United States.

McDonald’s released this new application technique in June, and potential applicants can send in their Snaplications at any time.

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