Upcoming End Of Summer Events

This has been a fun week in S-T. The weather has been the topic of most discussions, and no one seems to remember how summers used to be. But what if the most fun are all the events that we are putting together. And I mean really successful events like the National Night Out at Sunland Park. The Watermelon Festival was really fun and above all, it provided a lot of free things for the kids.

In the next few weeks we’ve got the American Legion’s Line Dance Party and the McGroarty Arts Center Burgers, Beer and Band Night. AND don’t forget the Elks Funky Fashion Show at the Elks Hall. Yup boys and girls, it’s time to stop drinking the water and really dig into some great vittles and fun.

Even the city is putting together a “Movies in the Park” night that is free. This could be the time to bring the whole family down and leave the cell phones and tablets home. Wouldn’t that be great, seeing families actually talking to each other, face-to-face?

Hell, even the chamber of commerce is throwing a banquet (formal dress no less) to honor the new Honorary Mayor. Who says we don’t have things to do here? If you read through our newspaper, you will see where all the events are happening and the times. This is the end of summer and we should try to get as much fun as we can before the kids get all involved in school.

“This is the Summer of our Content!” could be our mantra. We have a new Big Mama’s and Papa’s pizza that is out of this world. And they deliver. I can just see families sitting on the park grass munching on pizza and popcorn. It’s time to stop being so serious for a few moments. Things seem to be on the up-swing. For every business that leaves, there seems to be another one stepping up to the plate. It’s getting to be that there is something for everybody.

This is the place for people watching. You’ve got to just slow down and be peaceful. And don’t forget about our two public parks. When the walls seem to be closing in on you, grab the kids and take a walk or short drive to our parks. Make sure you do a pit-stop first though, there aren’t any open bathrooms. But everything you need for a BBQ or just watching the kids on the equipment is there, and it’s all free.

So when you’re not watching the meteor showers or the solar eclipse or even the police helio-choppers chasing the bad guys, you can just lay back and enjoy a conversation with your neighbors. And yes, hell yes! It’s time to drink that beer and wine and stop blaming everything on the water.

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