Firefighting Heroes Make Themselves Some Heroes!

by David DeMullé

Our friend Larry Hall snapped this picture at the Subway on Foothill Boulevard across from IHOP in Tujunga. He was there to buy a Subway sandwich when he saw something strange behind the counter. He then realized that besides the manager, Mike Rambo, one of the other people behind the counter was a fire captain making sandwiches.

With so many firefighters coming and going through our neighborhood, they ran out of food. It was when the LAFD found out that they only had rations for 100 firefighters and they had 300 firefighters that they had to feed. The answer was simple: call in an order for 200 meals. But when they got to the Tujunga Subway to pick up the 200 sandwiches, there was only one employee on duty, so the captain and another firefighter jumped behind the counter and started making 200 sandwiches. It was a win-win situation for everyone.

Now that’s real leadership!

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