Get Dismissed With The Traffic Ticket Expert

Let’s get right to the point here: Why do you need this book? Answer: TIME and MONEY. Read on and that statement will make total sense.

There is a better way to fight traffic tickets in California…and we know what it is! That’s what the brain trust here at Get Dismissed has been evangelizing about for the past 14 years, while helping tens of thousands of drivers successfully fight their traffic tickets.

So, what is this “better way,” and what exactly can be done when you receive a traffic ticket? Should you just pay the ticket? Go to traffic school? No, there are better options available. Should you go to court and fight the ticket yourself? Hire an expensive attorney to fight the ticket for you? Those methods could waste even more time and money than your first options. We have better ideas, and we will share them with you in this book.

Have you ever been to traffic court? Not a fun experience. Typically, it is you and about one hundred other people who are also not thrilled to be spending the day in traffic court. Once everyone is present, the bailiff stands up and announces he can “do you a favor” and grant traffic school immediately, for those who are eligible. If you don’t accept traffic school, the bailiff will follow up by telling you not to fight your ticket because they will NOT grant you traffic school if you fight and lose. The bailiff then makes a final, simple, announcement: YOU WILL LOSE.

As a result, approximately 75 percent of the people in that jampacked courtroom simply accept traffic school and gratefully run for the doors. Why do the courts do this? Simple. It all comes back to TIME and MONEY. When a person stays in the courtroom and takes up the court’s time by fighting their ticket (whether they win or lose), that person is costing the court more time and money than the fine they can collect for the traffic ticket. The whole thing becomes a matter of simple economics, the court’s time is more valuable than the fine from your ticket. Probably a LOT more. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a system that provided drivers all the exact same rights under the law to contest a traffic ticket, but also didn’t waste the court’s precious time and money? Well, we have good news for you. There is such a system, and it’s called a “Trial by Written Declaration.

” Trial by Written Declarations have been around since 1978 and provides unlucky or unfortunate drivers with a very quick, very simple, and very effective solution for fighting traffic tickets. The Trial by Written Declaration process can be found on the back of every single ticket issued and gives drivers an option to contest their traffic ticket in writing without ever having to step foot in a courtroom.

Drivers complete the documents and submit them to the court by mail instead of going into court to contest the traffic ticket in person. This “by mail” option – the Trial by Written Declaration – is the best way to contest a traffic ticket in California and eliminates the need for you to waste your time fighting your ticket in court.

The Trial by Written Declaration process is the only way for the court to save time and money and will take contesting traffic tickets out of the courts due to simple necessity. This will be done to reduce costs while still ensuring the taxpayer’s rights. There is no other way. Period.

The GetDismissed service facilitates the process for completing and filing a Trial by Written Declaration with the court. Simply take a picture of your traffic ticket and another picture of your driver license, answer a few questions, download the documents and “voila,” your Trial by Declaration is completed for you and ready for you to file with the court.Like we said earlier, this is why you need this book and why you need GetDismissed; together, they will save you TIME and MONEY.

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