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viewfromtherockWHOA there buckaroos! What a couple of weeks this has been. Things are getting ramped up for the “emergency election,” the Chamber is ramping up for the Easter Festival (read Spring Festival), and the Georgi Hakopian Neo-Nazi Facebook site, called the Foothills Observed, really overflowed the toilet of peoplebashing.

Stirring up the likes of Curtles Koesler and Wally Warton and even Roger Swart, they pounced and tore apart local resident Carol “Hutch,” leaving only a bleeding carcass.

Just like out of a scene of hyenas destroying a Springbok deer in the Transvaal, these sociopaths went nutso, crying “She’s not real, She’s Doc’s Sock Puppet, Block her,” and of course Ms. Warton had to create a drawing that made her look like a “Mammy out of a southern plantation.”

Yup, boys and girls, our local keyboard kommandos outdid themselves this time. Even our esteemed Sonia Tatulian got a chance to jump in and bash her. What is wrong with these people? I can understand Ms. Jean Traubner, who is suffering from some kind of cancer, and Ms. Warton, who is also sick, but “normal” people like Roger Swart and Arnie Abramyan shouldn’t be attacking someone who is “different” from them.

And the funny thing is that it all happened just after I published the SUNLAND TUJUNGA A REALITY SHOW, STARS video treatment. What we have here is cyberbullying in its most overt form. One intelligent denizen of the Observed stated, “It’s a shame, until we act like adults our children will never learn to stop teasing and bullying others to the point of tearing each other apart. We sit and ask why our children have no manners, respect. We blame it on the media when it is us who control the media. I don’t know who Carol is. I do know Doc. For a town that dislikes him so much, why do you give him what he wants? Keep it up. The more we attack others in this town, will be the sooner that we won’t have a town.”


But on a lighter side, we have some really great people and things happening here in S-T. I am really proud of what the Chamber of Commerce is doing with our LOCAL events, sure, they may be in LVT, but they are still ours and we’re going to make them great this year.

The Rotary Club on the other hand has dropped into the cesspool of hooliganism with Michelle Ramage mismanaging the 4th of July parade to the point that people aren’t interested in participating in it. Last year’s fiasco had nothing to talk about except for Curtles Koesler driving one of their golf carts flipping the “bone” to parade-goers and kids that were trying to shoot him with water guns. Our Rotary Club is so far out of compliance with Rotary International’s rules that they are in jeopardy of losing their charter. Rotary president Roger Klemm has not the slightest idea of how to get it back on-line and is just one more of the turnstile officers that have taken the reins after Mike Lucas passed on to a higher calling.

Yes, boys and girls, this is what I’ve been talking about. Who knows what made them go crazy. Maybe it was THE WATER!

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