Yup, it was quite a week.

WOW! Another “week that was!” week.  Just when I thought that things were slowing down, an arsonist was cruising up and down the 210 freeway setting 6 fires.  The TSA told me that Sonia Tatulian wasn’t on the “No Fly” list and that she could come home.  Damn. We had a Meth-House go bang on Sunland and crazy drivers going out of their way to do stupid things and killing people.  Yup, it was quite a week.

On the bright side, the Chamber of Commerce got their act together and raised enough money to guarantee a free 4th of July fireworks event for the community.  The Rotary Club on the other hand is having a difficult time running the 4th of July parade.  It appears that they don’t have enough members (4 years running) to qualify for event permits, insurance and crowd control.

4th of July is supposed to be a fun celebration with people HAVING FUN.  Not be punks throwing frozen water balloons at the equine entries and marchers. With Michelle Ramage running the Rotary Club behind the scenes, it has gone to hell in a handbag.  Last year she tried to ban 2 entrants from the parade because she didn’t like them.  Let’s talk “FIRST AMENDENT RIGHTS.”  Anyway, the hooligans and peckerwoods will be there, trying to hurt people.  I was told that The War Zone will be in front of Taco Bell this year.

I’m looking forward to seeing what is going to happen this year.  If there really is a 4th of July Parade with the theme “Honoring Our Local Zeros,” maybe we could have the police fly-over dump water on everybody?  Oh well, just a thought. There is going to be a surprise for some people this year.  (Read MAJOR WATER CANON) Snicker Snicker. 

Lion’s Club member Brenda “Boo” Douglas said that she won’t be in the parade because she was sexually harassed last year.  Damn, I missed that.  But HEY!  Don’t let that stop you, this is Tujunga where anything goes.  If you survive it, you’re going to have fun.

It’s a great little town we have here, but you better not drink THE WATER!

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