Out-dated Back Road is a Big Problem

Dear Editor

I saw your comments on FB and don’t know what they’re talking about.  This Barbara Johnson doesn’t know what she’s talking about.  Look I don’t know any of these people who are playing finger pointing games, I was there and I took pictures of what I saw.

It’s simple. All I know is that I live in the Shadow Hills and Sun Valley area, and we have a big problem! Out-dated back road on Wentworth St. without any sidewalks, and NO traffic lights.  And I was thinking it would help if you made a story about it on the paper. How the city won’t help and people are getting killed. That’s all.  I’ve tried talking to our councilwoman and her aide Eve Sinclair with no results.  No one seems to care about what is happening here.  I am afraid to take my daughter for a walk the traffic is so crazy.

– A.A. Shadow Hills

P.S: Just so you know, there were 5 other people there right after crash and they also took pictures of crash scene before medics came. So the pics on line can also be from the other neighbors.

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