The Law Of Diminishing Returns

Today’s concept is “The Law Of Diminishing Returns.”  Here in our little vortex, we seem to have a lack of common sense.  I look at our local social media sites and I’ve come to the conclusion that we have more wacko’s than General Hospital.  Over the years I’ve come to refer to this state of mind as being blamed “on the water.”  But that’s too simple.  There has to be some commonality here between the local service organizations and the lack of neighborhood we have here.

AGAINST ALL ODDS, the Rotary Club pulled it all together in spite of so much nay-saying.  Right up until these last weeks, no one actually knew if there was going to be a parade of fireworks.  BUT, they pulled it off.  And they were fun.  Hell, even curtles the clown had an important job to do.  Cleaning up horseshit as the parade unfolded is a noble calling in our equine culture.

I’ve just got to tell you that the horses and their riders were great, almost like in the “Old Days.”  We will never have another Macho Dog strutting down Foothill, but the entrants with small happy kids made up for it.  Even M-Rod was beautiful riding in the back of that restored Chrysler was fun.  And that brings up a point.  The main reason that the parade was a success was the massive police presence making sure that nobody threw water balloons.  And the bicycle brigade made a rolling phalanx around M-Rods car.  Poor Congressman Adam Schiff and Assemblywoman Luz Rivas, they didn’t have any protection from potential water attacks.  Oh well, our LAPD know where their bread is buttered.

Here on the home front, we’ve had a major upswing in violent acts.  I don’t care what the cops stats say, crime is on the up-swing and our LAPD Div. 16 are addressing it.  It probably just goes over your heads when people say “We need more cops here.”  Look around you, we appear to have tripled the police presence here.  Yes, we still have the idiot drivers, but for the most part, we’re doing pretty good.

Phil Tabby Jr. has been posting about the homeless/drug use on his Stonehurst Neighbor Hood Watch site and it looks even worse than we have here.  So maybe we have something to be grateful for.  Look, with the way things are going, we’re going to have even more homeless coming here.  And there is a new phenomenon out there in the form of women homeless addicts.  It has nothing to do with their drugs, but it does have to do with the mental state they create when they become addicts.

That’s where we have to step in and start notifying the cops when you see illegal drug usage.  The quicker we react, the quicker the cops can jump in and get them the help they need.

I have been watching what our “social organizations” have been doing these past years and it’s not a good sight.  They’re floundering and on the verge of extinction.  And for the worst part, they are fighting amongst themselves and the community.  And that is causing division in our little vortex.  It’s time for them to put aside their personal rivalries and attacks and either join together to make this a better place, or just shut down.  And that’s what it boils down to.  STOP being a bunch of haters and fighting the community members they are supposed to serve. 

Yup, boys and girls, I personally think that if we outlawed all of our social clubs and organizations, we’d have a much happier place to live in.  And if asked, I‘d have to say “it was the water.”

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