Straightening Out and Flying Right?

This is a vortex, I live here, I’m a reporter. Dum De Dum Dumm-Dumb!  Just when you think that some of our elected leaders have straightened out and are flying right, along comes another week.  If asked “What do you stick around here for?”  I’d have to answer “to see what they are going to do next.”  LOL.

This last week we had a wonderful series of events happening in our little town.  We had the annual Sheriff’s Rummage sale, The New and Improved California Watermelon Festival, a new addition to Bandito Park and the National Night Out soiree’.  Of course, nothing here ever goes easy.  Shit for brains Tatulian just had to jump on Bren Boo Hoo Douglas’s claim that the Lions Club had been kicked out of the Watermelon Festival.

And of course ex-pat Tomi-lyn Bowling who runs a local hate site from Washington, had to jump into it also, decrying and demanding a boycott of the festival.  Now let’s not forget that both Ms. Tatulian and Douglas have medical problems that when they are on their meds, are almost normal.  Wellllll, at least normal for here.  It makes you wonder how and why those people who don’t even live here want to continue harassing and haranguing those of us that do.

Anyway, those of you who know that motley crew of women, know that there is no way anyone can work with or put up with them, unless of course you are one of the 0.01% hatemongers here in town.  To keep your sanity, you just have to sit back and laugh at them.  But I digress.  We have a really great bunch of people that have walked away from the bogus service clubs and “Just made it happen!”  Can you believe that we had FOUR National Night Out parties.  From Shadow Hills to S-T.  People were frying, grilling and baking food goodies for our First Responders that were eagerly shared by the locals.

And to be honest with you, I didn’t see a single homeless person standing in any of the lines.  Makes you wonder if this is part of the grand “Take Our Parks Back” program.

Ahhh, and that brings up another point.  We had new safety banners.  We lost our nrw safety banners.  We got some safety banners back.  Now that was interesting.  And it all revolved around CD-7 Councilwoman Rodriguez’ aide Eve Sinclair.  That same aide that obstructs any chance of someone communicating with her boss Monica.  I think we have another Felipe Fuentes moment coming again.  She’s already taken away the STNC keys, and now she doesn’t take phone calls or visits from the local constituents.  Makes you wonder what’s going to happen next.  Maybe the STNC working out of a shipping container?

But don’t worry, this is the town of the BIG LIE.  And the bigger the lie, the more believable it becomes.  And all our elected officials are part of it.  Maybe it really is the water?  (See Pg-8 for a visual depiction of which I speak)

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