• Sunland Church of God Cleans up Commerce!

    26, approximately 100 members from World Mission Society Church of God in Sunland, CA volunteered in the 4,219th Worldwide Environmental Cleanup Campaign themed “Mother’s Street” on Foothill

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  • Horses, Alpacas, Sheep and Houses Under Fire

    by David DeMullé About 3 a.m. on Tuesday the calls started coming in about a fire on the Little Tujunga Canyon Rd. in Lake View Terrace. Driven by Santa Ana winds, the fire quickly engulfed the

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  • Roger Swart Insults American Legion Post

    In an unprecedented attack on American Legion Post 377, “Senior Volunteer Advisor” Roger Swart, appointed by CD-7 Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez, called the post commander and legion members “a

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  • Holiday Boutique and Chili Bowl Sale at McGroarty

    by David DeMullé The community was invited to enjoy some oldfashioned holiday cheer at the annual Holiday Boutique and Chili Bowl Sale held at historic McGroarty Arts Center, which has been fully

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An Empty Seat on Thanksgiving

by Alejandro Magallanes I love the holidays. To me, the holidays are all about family. I have my wife, my two little boys and a baby girl who will be arriving before Christmas. I am excited! This is one of my favorite times of the year. I think that’s why I am having a difficult

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“Leech Valley”-Part 2


Part 2 by John Blue But sweaty, jumpy, feverish me now looked just like them! If I sat over there, I may also get locked up! Yet freedom was just a few feet away after a simple signature, then a walk through a doorway onto a civilian street with cars rushing by. Newly discharged “ex-GIs”

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“Leech Valley”

Grabbing any kind of relaxation you can in the field.

Part-1 by John Blue I have always said to family, friends, vets, doctors and VA folks that I’d gotten my strange jungle fevers in a little place in Vietnam we bush GIs called “LEECH VALLEY.” I got the idea they never believed me. “Leeches that hunted down and attacked humans?!” Maybe it was one reason

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CV Sierra Club Group Present an Iceland and Greenland Adventure

A church in Stykkisholmur Snaefellsnes, Iceland.

The Crescenta Valley Sierra Club Group will present, Terri Hill’s, Iceland and Greenland Adventure, on November 14 at 7:30 pm at the Los Angeles County Public Library, La Crescenta, located at 2809 Foothill Boulevard, La Crescenta, California 91214. Terri Hill is an amateur photographer and geology enthusiast. She was lucky enough to travel all over

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Home From War


by Sherri Kukla He came home from the war a different man. It was the 1970s. It wasn’t his first tour of duty in Viet Nam, but it was his worst. He left behind friends. Some known dead, some presumed and some simply missing. His duties in that war on that particular assignment caused him

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Crime Sats


Crime Stats



Beauty and the Beast: A Christmas Rose

Lythgoe Family Panto (LFP), in association with Pasadena Playhouse, announced today that the opening night celebration of the world premiere of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST – A CHRISTMAS ROSE at the

View From The Rock


Fire Protection

Nothing is easy or sim- ple here in S-T. Even if we try to make it sim- ple, someone else will make it hard. Tuesday was a prime example. The morning started with a bang about 3 a.m. as the phone

Movie Reviews


Movie Review: Coco

by Bob Garver I cannot overemphasize how badly 2017 needed “Coco.” After 2016 saw no fewer than four animated films end up on my year-end Top 10 list, this year has been one of the worst in


13 years old this week!

Dear Editor, I was at Coco’s last week and was looking at your newspaper. It said “Telling the truth for over 12 years.” That’s right, I was at the Rotary club when you brought in the first edition. What a roller coaster this has been. Congrats on 13 years of telling it the way it

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A voice in the wilderness!

Dear Editor, Regarding the recently published article by Sonia Tatulian’s tabloid written by Eddie Rivera about you: I could not decide whether to laugh, or to just feel anger that “her editor” is not performing investigative journalism. This “article” was not an opinion piece; it was slander, a crime — plain and simple — published

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Sidewalk Waste is a City Business

This past Sunday I was out with my friend, Anne. We were walking our dogs, and as we look across the street there was a homeless man, middle of the day, dropping his pants to leave an odious substance in the street. Now, I’m a pretty forgiving person; I understand people have needs, and some

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Stakeholder Blasts City Over Wildfire Inaction

On scene at 12:45 pm, Sept. 01, 2017 - start of the fire.

An open letter to Mayor Eric Garcetti, City Council Monica Rodriguez and the City of Los Angeles The La Tuna/Tujunga fire that broke out on September 1, 2017, the air support and crews were definitely our heroes of this battle due to the difficult terrain. However the air response time from the City of Los

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Jerry Poppink Perspective

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Michele Joeen Wincentsen


Born: June 17, 1975 – Died: December 12, 2006

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Born: March 08, 1963 Died: November 22, 2017 Ken passed away peacefully in his sleep. Kenneth will be missed and will always be loved and respected for the good person he was. He is now in the presence of the creator GOD and in the strongest of hands. Ken will be temporarily leaving behind his

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Robert Michael (Bobby) Lockwood

Robert Michael (Bobby) Lockwood, 70, died in North Hills, CA on September 15, 2017. A USMC-SS veteran, he served as a scout sniper in the 2nd Battalion 1st Marines. He was awarded the Combat Service Medal, along with many others medals and ribbons during his three tours served in Vietnam. Bobby was born on July

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William L. Carfora


William L. Carfora, “Billy” of Florence was born in Glendale, California in 1969. He passed away in Missoula on March 22, 2017. His parents were William J. Carfora (deceased 2001) and his best buddy Gail. He lived a full and happy life until he became ill. Everyone complimented him on his nice smile. Billy was

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Michael Lee Reynolds


September 26, 1953 March 13, 2017 Foothills resident Michael Lee Reynolds is predeceased by his parents William and Hope Reynolds, his brother Bill and sister Jackie. Mike enjoyed the roadways as a big rig owner/ operator, avid Harley Davidson enthusiast and bicycle rider. He loved animals — especially Red, his pet chicken who passed two

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Tips For Preventing Dog Bites

Every year about 4.7 million people are bitten by dogs. Among these, most are children. As a parent, you can reduce this risk by teaching your children smart behavior around dogs. Laying the


Long Island Eggs


by Chef Randy When Robin and I traveled to Boston in the summer of 1982, we stayed with our friend Peter. On one of our side trips, Peter drove us to his mom’s summer place in Montauk at the tip of Long Island. During the day, Peter and I sailed his boat in Fort Pond

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Irish Cheese & Guinness Extra Stout Beer Bread


by Chef Randy Here’s a recipe our son, Robert, sent to me on St. Paddy’s Day. I’ve modified it a little so that the taste is pure Irish. This is even better than my Irish Soda Bread. Spread a 1-inch slice, while still warm, with Irish butter and enjoy with a proper cup of tea.

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Chef Randy’s New Cookbook Is a Great Holiday Gift


My new cookbook, Ojai Valley Slow Cooker Cookbook, is now available on-line at Amazon for $14.95. In addition, I will have two local book signings as follows: • Saturday, November 25th, at Bookends Bookstore and Curiosities in Meiners Oaks, from 2pm to 4pm (or a little more) • Sunday, November 26th, at Ojai Coffee Roasting

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Pickled Red Onions


by Chef Randy By using red onions, these slightly sweet pickled onions take on a deep red rose coloring and look beautiful in a jar in the fridge. They also look amazing when plated. I like to serve these as a condiment with my Flautas and/or Pupusas. They are also awesome in salads and on

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Hearty Quinoa Burger


by Chef Randy Are you tired of the mas-produced veggie burger patties found at your favorite grocery store? Tired of the garden burgers foisted on you as the only choice at your favorite drive-thru? Take a look at the quinoa burger recipe below. This one is delicious, nutritious and wonderfully different. Make it ahead of

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