• Threatening Transient Causes School Lock-down

    A resident with the best of intentions made a mistake with a Sunland Park Transient. She invited him to her home on Apperson and he became belligerent and wouldn’t leave. She had to call the

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  • West L.A. VA Returning to Homeless Mission

    by Ken Olsen Veterans will have access to permanent supportive housing, free legal assistance, family counseling and innovative mental health treatment under a new plan for the West Los Angeles

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  • Bobcat Visits Neighborhood

    by David DeMullé Neighbors got a surprise visit from a large bobcat Monday morning taking a stroll up Tranquil Place in Tujunga. This is the mating season for many species of animals and they are

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  • Vandals Hit The Foothills: Approximately 40 vehicles damaged

    by David DeMullé Last week, vandals started smashing windows of parked cars on Foothill Boulevard in front of the Auto Zone store at the corner of Valaho and Foothill, leaving five-pound boulders

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  • Masked Gunman Robs Crow’s Nest

    By: David DeMullé The Crow’s Nest was robbed Sunday January 17 at approximately 11 p.m. It showed up in the “spotcrime” database as a robbery. Supposedly, one masked gun person with a gun entered

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Local News

Jim Laris

I’m Looking to See if I Have a Look

Jim Laris is Jim Laris.

by Jim Laris I bet you didn’t know I was a fashion plate. Well, you would have won that bet. But, you know, I don’t even want to be a fashion plate. I really don’t. But I would like to have a look. Most of my friends have a certain look to them. And it

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I Got Your Friendly Right Here!

Jim Laris is Jim Laris.

You know, I try to be friendly. I really do. I am not quite as much of a pissy turd as I make myself out to be in this here column. (See, I added the “here” in that last sentence to show off my folksy, friendly side.) The reason I am bringing up all this

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Crime Sats


Crime Stats

Theft 01/23/16 07:20 PM 10400 BLOCK OF SUNLAND BL Theft 01/24/16 08:00 PM 6900 BLOCK OF DAY ST Burglary 01/25/16 12:00 PM 7000 BLOCK OF SHADYGROVE ST Theft 01/26/16 11:00 PM 00 BLOCK OF SHERMAN

News From Your Clinic

Dr. Sam


by Sam Samalin, PA-C Nothing can cause patients to want to excitedly run from the clinic like telling them the magic secret to once and for all ending their lifelong misery from constipation.

View From The Rock


STNC Elections

It’s getting time for the STNC elections again, and the Cleghorn machine is out there pumping up their stooges to take their places. Three of the candidates that I take to task is Cindy Cleghorn

Movie Reviews


Movie Review: Ride Along 2

by Bob Garver Back in 2014, Ice Cube and Kevin Hart made the idiotic comedy “Ride Along.” The film followed a familiar “hardboiled cop and pesky sidekick” formula that’s been done to death with


Learn Modern Calligraphy


A beginner workshop with Truly. Madly. Ink at the Modest Fly Gallery will take place on Sunday, February 21 starting at 12 noon until 3 p.m. Beginner’s Calligraphy can be learned by signing up now and glean the how-to’s of with Angela Kazanchyan. All materials are included! Seats are limited. Save your space before it’s

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Time to Stop the Raping and Pillaging in L.A.

Dear Editor, For the first time in over twelve years, crime rates are going up in Los Angeles. Over the last year alone, homicide and rape crimes have jumped by nine percent. I and several anti-rape activists believe that current mayor Eric Garcetti is partly to blame. During his tenure as mayor, Garcetti has been

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The Cost of A Question

Dear Editor, Now I’m only 32, and all I want to do is read The Foothills Paper without having to squint at the small type. Would it break the bank if you went up a couple or three points and printed an extra four pages to accommodate the increase? Just wondering. A. Reader, Sunland, CA

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Goffin’ Around in The Foothills


Dear Editor, I was thinking about the old days: Does anyone remember Lyman B. Goff? I don’t, but I do remember the Cigar Store Indian outside his shop. Lucy Colville (Record Ledger 1962) writes to wish Mr. Goff a happy 88th birthday. Goff earned his fame by being the man who considered himself the friend

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Karl Heinz Stratz


1941 – 2016 Karl Heinz Stratz died on Tuesday, January 26, 2016, as the result of a terrible accident in which he was struck by a car. Karl was born October 14, 1941, in Waldkirsch, in the Black Forest of Germany, the older of two sons born to Georg and Martha Stratz. Georg died in

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Marian Eugenia Cheeseman


Nov., 26, 1927 – Jan. 24, 2016 Marian Eugenia Cheeseman was born in Pittsburg, KS. She was daughter to Emma Irene and Marion Eugene Cheeseman, and sister to her brother Fred. She moved to Tujunga in 1957 to build a family with her husband Edward J. Boitz Sr. She worked as a grocery clerk and

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Tribute To A Loyal Dog

by Evelyn M. Ceasaresco Shortly before Christmas, a man named Angelo Testoni arrived at Milan from Brescia accompanied by a fox terrier. He took a room where he and his dog began a humble life in


Celebrate Leap Year With a Kiss


by Chef Randy That there is an extra day in the month of February may have escaped you. After all, who has time, for crying out loud, to notice that this is Leap Year? Why do we even have a Leap Year anyway, you might ask? Isn’t Daylight Saving Time bad enough? Blame it on

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Fresh Pico de Gallo


By: Chef Randy Pico de Gallo [PEE-koh day GI-yoh] means “rooster’s beak” in Spanish. Tradition says that this dish was so named because it was once eaten with the thumb and finger, an action that resembles a rooster’s pecking beak. I like to eat it with tortilla chips. You might use it as a fresh

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