• S-T Honorary Mayoral Candidates Want Your Vote

    A good time was had by all at John Clausen’s, Honorary Mayor Charitable Campaign that was held at Caruso’s last Wednesday night. If you missed last week’s event, don’t worry, Johnny and Rita,

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  • Believe It Or Don’t!

    A call was made asking for someone to investigate a traffic accident at the IHOP Restaurant on Foothill Blvd. A truck had smashed into a high voltage pole. Witnesses said, “The kid driving the

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  • “Undercover” Deputy Sandy Capps Gets Off Again!

    The 2nd District Court of Appeals overturned a recent decision that allowed the names of L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies who had lied, stolen, falsified reports and committed other types of

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  • Harmony Farms

    by Bonnie Corwin Sonny, owner of Harmony Farms, located at 2824 Foothill Blvd, La Crescenta, CA, summed it all up. The home is where the heart is. He loves being at work and doing what he does.

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Local News

People were dumping in broad daylight.

Stopping The Illegal Dumping at Goodwill

The Paper staff has been working with Goodwill (GW) staff to remove an eyesore. We first documented the problem and notified GW corporate. Here is our report on how we got the problem resolved.


Communication Challenges


I was waving frantically trying to get the attention of the guy-inthe-garage and he was, to put it politely, completely ignoring me. Completely ignoring me with a totally disgusted look on his face is another way of saying it. Completely ignoring me yet simultaneously snarling at me would even be a better way to say

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Motorhome Memories


by Sherry Kukla I have many fond memories of the 1976 Pace Arrow motorhome that took our family on quite a few adventures. It was about 20 years old at the time. Many of those memories center around endearing conversations shared with a spouse. “Watch out for that bus!” “Pull over, we’re on fire!” “You’re

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Learn Expressive Book Arts & Meditative Labyrinth Walking to Review 2017


On Sunday, July 9, from 1-5p.m. at the Prince of Peace Church, 5700 Rudnick Avenue, Woodland Hills, Monica Moran, aka the “Creative Beast” and spiritual director, Chantel Zimmerman host a workshop that merges hand-made book making, labyrinth walking (meditative movement), and the summer solstice (midyear), offering participants an opportunity to capture and savor their 2017

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Driving him crazy


by Sherry Kukla I was up early packing a lunch for the guy-inthe-garage who was getting ready to head off for work some years back. We had been chatting about plans for the upcoming weekend, while he finished eating breakfast. As he passed by me on his way to the kitchen sink, he patted my

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Sherri’s Turn


Missing dads. Multiple half and step siblings. Prison waiting rooms. Homeless shelters. Small motel rooms rented by the week. Sleeping in a garage. Sleeping in a car. Missing parents. Drugs. Alcohol. Financial problems. Suicide. Abuse. These are the facts of life for too many. And when it’s kids who are forced to deal with these

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Crime Sats


Crime Stats

Theft 07/14/17 02:00 AM 10400 BLOCK OF COMMERCE AV Theft 07/14/17 04:00 PM 8700 BLOCK OF LEHIGH AV Burglary 07/13/17 01:00 PM 11000 BLOCK OF HERSHEY ST Theft 07/13/17 02:00 PM 11100 BLOCK OF


Tracy Nicole Chapman

“Shout, Sister Shout!” at Pasadena Playhouse

Pasadena Playhouse announces the cast and creative team for the world premiere musical SHOUT SISTER SHOUT! Created and directed by Randy Johnson, who wrote and directed the hit Broadway musical A

View From The Rock


Honorary Mayor Candidates

Like they say, “sometimes it’s not worth gnawing through the straps in the morning.” Whoever said that sure didn’t live in Sunland-Tujunga. This month is a real milestone for our community. We

Movie Reviews


Movie Review: Spider-Man: Homecoming

by Bob Garver For most of “SpiderMan: Homecoming,” I didn’t see why the movie was getting so much praise from critics. I didn’t like Tom Holland’s take on Peter Parker aka Spider-Man, I was


Groomers have gone to the dogs

Dear Editor, Recently I had an interesting conversation with my neighbor that angered me to the point of writing this letter. I greeted her and asked how she was doing. She told me that she was all right, but her day could have been better. “I was kicked out of a dog groomers today,” she

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Bullets Cause Road Closure

Dear Editor, The Monday house break-in and eventual shooting the took place just off the Rim Canyon/Mt.Gleason intersection was obviously very unfortunate. The homeowner’s home was severely damaged by the bullets, tear gas, etc. The reportedly homeless man who died in the shooting, possibly even by airborne LAPD snipers (as reported in the L.A. Times

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Bicycles Drive Resident Mad

Dear Editor, OK. Who was the idiot that decided we need a bike lane on Foothill Blvd, next to the park? There’s one lane blocked off and a traffic mess. There must be over 10,000 cars a day passing through this area, and now they are all screwed for some bike riders. What did this

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Come to the VHWC concert

Dear Editor, Thanks for your help this year with VHWC projects. Please come and enjoy our concert on April 30. Arlene Massimino

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A “Thank You” Now and Again

Dear Editor, Just a note to tell you how much THE FOOTHILLS PAPER is a great paper. Love to you and your staff. Bob and Roberta Scheu & family

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William L. Carfora


William L. Carfora, “Billy” of Florence was born in Glendale, California in 1969. He passed away in Missoula on March 22, 2017. His parents were William J. Carfora (deceased 2001) and his best buddy Gail. He lived a full and happy life until he became ill. Everyone complimented him on his nice smile. Billy was

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Michael Lee Reynolds


September 26, 1953 March 13, 2017 Foothills resident Michael Lee Reynolds is predeceased by his parents William and Hope Reynolds, his brother Bill and sister Jackie. Mike enjoyed the roadways as a big rig owner/ operator, avid Harley Davidson enthusiast and bicycle rider. He loved animals — especially Red, his pet chicken who passed two

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Rose Lata


August 7, 1918-March 18, 2017 Raised in Erie, PA, Rose was one of nine children born to Walter Rawa and Theodora Kowalkowski. In 1939, Rose married Louis Lata and began a family: Jerome, Darlene and Terrance. The young family moved from Erie to Southern CA in 1952. After many adventures, Rose and Louis retired and

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Michael Lee Reynolds


September 26, 1953 March 13, 2017 Foots resident Michael Lee Reynolds is predeceased by his parents William and Hope Reynolds, his brother Bill and sister Jackie. Mike enjoyed the roadways as a big rig owner/operator, avid Harley Davidson enthusiast and bicycle rider. He loved animals especially Red, his pet chicken who passed two days later.

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Matthew Frank “SLOstringer”:


A public memorial has been organized for Matthew Frank, who many in the community knew as SLOStringer, a man whose breaking news coverage highlighted the work of local first responders. The memorial ride and candlelight vigil is being planned for April 5, according to the Facebook event page, “Matthew Frank SLOStringer Memorial Ride and Vigil.”

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Pets and Distracted Driving

With the busy summer travel season right around the corner, many families are planning to hit the road with their families — and that of course, means their fourlegged family members too. To


Smashed Potatoes


by Chef Randy You’ve made mashed potatoes — but have you ever made “smashed potatoes?” This is a great side dish for omnivores and vegetarians alike. It is also an easy recipe to make, but give yourself about 50 minutes to prep and bake. I like to prep the potatoes by boiling them, adding the

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Seven-Layer Sub Sandwich


by Chef Randy Make it long. Then cut into 4-inch lengths and wrap tightly in plastic wrap. My version is veggie but you can add deli slices of ham, turkey, roast beef, or salami. Perfect picnic food! ‘Nuff said. Ingredients: 1 24-inch long loaf of French bread Vegenaise (or substitute Mayonnaise) Whole grain Dijon mustard

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Tortellini Spinach Mushroom Skillet


by Chef Randy A simple pan sauce, pasta, and fresh vegetables are just what you need on a hot summer day. This nutritious recipe barely heats up the kitchen and is easy to prepare. What could be better for a mid-week dinner for you and your family? Serve with a fresh loaf of French bread

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Toasted Tomato Pie With Quinoa Crust


Have you ever considered food as art? I’m not talking food that’s styled for a photo shoot with unappetizing peas painted green or salad greens misted to make them “look” fresh. I’m talking about food you can eat. I’m talking about food that looks so good it is a work of art. Sometimes I imagine

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Roasted Asparagus With Mustard Vinaigrette


by Chef Randy This is an elegant crowd pleaser and very easy to make. The roasted asparagus gets a kick from the mustard and white wine vinaigrette. The toasted pepita seeds add crunchy texture. I like to serve this as either a nice starter or as a side dish at an elaborate family dinner. Ingredients:

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