• Double Fatal Hit and Run Collision on Foothill Boulevard

    Detectives from the Los Angeles Police Department’s Valley Traffic Division are asking for the public’s help in providing any information that would lead to the identification and arrest of the

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  • Los Angeles Updates Speed Surveys, Increases Enforcement

    By Paul Krekorian Los Angeles took a step toward greater traffic safety with the city’s announcement of new speed limits on 71 Los Angeles streets, the result of recently-updated speed surveys

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  • SFC Offers “Police-Specific” Training

    A new take on the Thin Blue Line Flag. Combining the Stars & Stripes of the U.S. flag with the Thin Blue Line concept creates a new meaning of unity. The Blue represents the officer and the

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Local News

A city official, Capt. Aaron Ponce, Roger Swart & Jon Von Gunten having a great time at Starbucks.

Coffee with the Captain!

by David DeMulle’ Last Tuesday Jon Von Gunten and Starbucks hosted the “Coffee with the Captain” with free Starbucks coffee and doughnuts for everyone attending, and wow did they attend!  With


Join Garcetti’s Shelter Crisis Declaration


By Amelia Anderson Announcing “A Bridge Home,” the next step in our plan to get our homeless neighbors off of LA’s streets.  As services begin to ramp up…as we continue the work of building supportive housing over the next ten years…a gap remains in neighborhoods across our city.  Thousands of people have simply lost jobs…missed

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Let It Flow, Let It Flow!

by Amelia Anderson Energy, flowing unimpeded throughout our bodies, comprise our physical and mental state. “Our bodies are nothing but an energy sending machine,” the voice said Friday afternoon on radio 89.3. He was both a medical doctor and a pastor. When the nerve channel opens, it is young and vibrantly alive filled with the

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View From The Rock


4th of July Celebration…To Hell in a Hand Bag?

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of

Crime Stats


Crime Stats

Theft 01/08/18 04:00 PM 6300 BLOCK OF HONOLULU AV Burglary 01/05/18 08:10 PM 9400 BLOCK OF GLORY AV Burglary 01/05/18 05:00 PM 9600 BLOCK OF CREEMORE DR Thef 01/04/18 05:50 AM 7600 BLOCK OF


Save Central Park!

Dear Editor, This is my response to an individual who posted an LA Times article that reported the meeting where the museum project was promoted. Actually, the City did NOT have an Open Forum regarding the Armenian museum. The two meetings were NOT discussions. They were to PROMOTE what may be an eighty million dollar

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More Fires Mean Fewer Funds For Local USDA Forest Service Projects

by Randy Moore, Regional Forester, Pacific Southwest Region ,U.S. Dept .of Agriculture Forest Service Last year, more than 1,500 wildfires burned over 640,000 acres on National Forest System lands in California, including the Thomas Fire, the largest fire in California’s recorded history. The surrounding communities are still dealing with damage from debris flows caused by a

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The Perspective of Korean Community in Sunland-Tujunga

Korean people living in LA area spend busy time during the day and night. It can be working for the company or doing their own business. Most of them commute between foothill area and down town L.A near. They have occupations such as running a Korean sushi restaurant, garment factory, cleaner shop, or liquor shop

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Johanna (Jo) T. Klohs Swart, March 25, 1936 – March 31, 2018


by Roger Swart  Jo was born in Nova Scotia Canada (Cape Breton Island) on March 25, 1936 to William 0. Klohs and Maria Klohs. Both parents were born in Germany. Her father fought in World War I for Germany under The Kaiser. After World War I, her parents came to Nova Scotia where her father

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Tips For Preventing Dog Bites

Every year about 4.7 million people are bitten by dogs. Among these, most are children. As a parent, you can reduce this risk by teaching your children smart behavior around dogs. Laying the


Spring Carrot Tart


My mom’s mom, Gran, was born and raised on a homested in a one-room cabin in Beresford, South Dakota, in the late 1800s. Winter was a time of ice and snow. In the month of January, the temperature would often drop below zero. During the winter, Gran and family relied on root cellar vegetables such

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Fresh Ojai Burritos


I think we can all agree that a good burrito is made with fresh ingredients. The right combination of ingredients, however, is what distinguishes a good burrito from a great one. Here are my recommendations for what a great burrito must include at a minimum: • Fresh flour tortillas. Handmade tortillas are preferable to store-bought

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Yummy Pasta With QuickRoasted Cherry Tomatoes


by Chef Randy This is a quick dish for two that is easy to prepare and doesn’t heat the kitchen much at all because of the quick cook times. If you don’t care for feta cheese, substitute a mild Chèvre. This also works with just about any type of pasta. As a changeup, I like

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Movie Reviews

Movie Review: Red Sparrow

By Bob Garver “Red Sparrow” is a movie that never stays the same quality for very long. It’ll seem clever and intricate for a few scenes and then do something stupid. It’ll be bland and