• Nat’l Cops & Coffee Day

    National Coffee With A Cop Day was held last week at the Sunland Starbucks with free coffee and cookies provided by the store manager. More than 100 people attended, shook hands with their Senior

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  • The Beetles’ Bite is Worse Than Its Bark!

    by Bonnie Corwin As if the long drought over the last several years wasn’t enough to bug you, then reading this should take care of it. This little tiny beetle the size of a rice grain is

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  • Real Heros Are Made, Not Born

    by David DeMullé The Las Vegas massacre produced heroes that took things into their own hands to save lives and protect people from the deranged killer that killed 59 and wounded over 500 people.

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  • Rockin’ The Ranch

    by David DeMullé Last week, the Shadow Hills Riding Club, under the direction of Johnny Higginson, held a BBQ fundraiser for the Saddles for Soldiers (SFS) program developed to assist disabled

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Local News

Ask Rusty: Government Pension Offset (GPO)

by AMAC-Certified Social Security Advisor Russell Gloor Dear Rusty: Several years ago the husband of a friend of mine died before he collected any of his Social Security. She applied for widow


Not Wired to Multi-task


by Sherri Kukla Anything the guy-inthe-garage needs while I’m on deadline is never too much to ask. Today for instance. Just a few pages away from being done, he’s caught up with proofreading and heads down to his shop. I’m hard at work. My phone rings. A call from his shop. “Did I leave my

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Sherri’s Turn: Wrong to Believe Him


by Sherri Kukla The guy-in-the-garage assured me he had our budget in mind when he decided to refurbish his Honda rather than buy a new one. Was I wrong in assuming this would cost less than a new bike? He got the idea when he saw a classified ad for some used gold Talon wheels.

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Sherri’s Turn: More Than He Wanted To Hear


by Sherri Kukla We visited some friends in the desert quite a few years ago who had just bought some beautiful property. They were going to sell parcels of this land and we were interested. We had a pleasant visit with them and they were explained to us the history of the land they owned,

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Sherri’s Turn: Difficult Life Transitions


by Sherri Kukla You couldn’t actually say she was an off roader, but she was a big fan of the sport. And one of our biggest fans. She doesn’t remember much these days, but on the occasions I visit her without the guy-in-the-garage I’ll tell her “Steve couldn’t be here today. He’s working on motorcycles.”

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RV Experiences


by Sherri Kukla It could be called the Dump Station 250, or maybe the Dump Station 1000. It’s the competitiveness that comes out in the guy-in-the-garage at the oddest moments. He has always been very impatient about waiting in lines at RV dump stations. The best complaint was the time he was so disgusted with

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Crime Sats


Crime Stats

Theft 10/08/17 02:20 PM 9500 BLOCK OF FOOTHILL BL Other 10/08/17 01:50 PM 5200 BLK CHERYL AV Theft 10/07/17 04:30 PM 8300 BLOCK OF GRENOBLE ST Theft 10/07/17 06:00 PM 10400 BLOCK OF QUILL AV



Stories and Songs for Halloween

by David DeMullé Flintridge Bookstore and Coffeehouse presents veteran storytellers “Uncle” Ruthie Buell, True Thomas, and Gillian Cameron in a concert of stories and songs for Halloween at the

View From The Rock


Lots Of News In The Community

This was one hell of an edition to put together. Not two days would go by without something earth-shaking happening. Lie-Cheat & Steal Tatulian filed for a restraining order against me and

Movie Reviews


Movie Review: Blade Runner 2049

by Bob Garver If I could describe 1982’s “Blade Runner” in one word, it would be “hypnotic.” Director Ridley Scott crafted a world of eerie calm, one where flying cars and public shootouts were


Stakeholder Blasts City Over Wildfire Inaction

On scene at 12:45 pm, Sept. 01, 2017 - start of the fire.

An open letter to Mayor Eric Garcetti, City Council Monica Rodriguez and the City of Los Angeles The La Tuna/Tujunga fire that broke out on September 1, 2017, the air support and crews were definitely our heroes of this battle due to the difficult terrain. However the air response time from the City of Los

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Jerry Poppink Perspective

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Notes From Undergrounded

Dear Editor, Hey there. First and foremost, I send all my respect out to the good Sun-Tuj. people out there and the people of The Paper. I am writing because I haven’t gotten your Paper in quite awhile and was wondering what’s up? I believe it’s because I somehow gave you the wrong CDCR#. Well,

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Groomers have gone to the dogs

Dear Editor, Recently I had an interesting conversation with my neighbor that angered me to the point of writing this letter. I greeted her and asked how she was doing. She told me that she was all right, but her day could have been better. “I was kicked out of a dog groomers today,” she

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Bullets Cause Road Closure

Dear Editor, The Monday house break-in and eventual shooting the took place just off the Rim Canyon/Mt.Gleason intersection was obviously very unfortunate. The homeowner’s home was severely damaged by the bullets, tear gas, etc. The reportedly homeless man who died in the shooting, possibly even by airborne LAPD snipers (as reported in the L.A. Times

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Robert Michael (Bobby) Lockwood

Robert Michael (Bobby) Lockwood, 70, died in North Hills, CA on September 15, 2017. A USMC-SS veteran, he served as a scout sniper in the 2nd Battalion 1st Marines. He was awarded the Combat Service Medal, along with many others medals and ribbons during his three tours served in Vietnam. Bobby was born on July

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William L. Carfora


William L. Carfora, “Billy” of Florence was born in Glendale, California in 1969. He passed away in Missoula on March 22, 2017. His parents were William J. Carfora (deceased 2001) and his best buddy Gail. He lived a full and happy life until he became ill. Everyone complimented him on his nice smile. Billy was

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Michael Lee Reynolds


September 26, 1953 March 13, 2017 Foothills resident Michael Lee Reynolds is predeceased by his parents William and Hope Reynolds, his brother Bill and sister Jackie. Mike enjoyed the roadways as a big rig owner/ operator, avid Harley Davidson enthusiast and bicycle rider. He loved animals — especially Red, his pet chicken who passed two

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Rose Lata


August 7, 1918-March 18, 2017 Raised in Erie, PA, Rose was one of nine children born to Walter Rawa and Theodora Kowalkowski. In 1939, Rose married Louis Lata and began a family: Jerome, Darlene and Terrance. The young family moved from Erie to Southern CA in 1952. After many adventures, Rose and Louis retired and

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Michael Lee Reynolds


September 26, 1953 March 13, 2017 Foots resident Michael Lee Reynolds is predeceased by his parents William and Hope Reynolds, his brother Bill and sister Jackie. Mike enjoyed the roadways as a big rig owner/operator, avid Harley Davidson enthusiast and bicycle rider. He loved animals especially Red, his pet chicken who passed two days later.

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Tips For Preventing Dog Bites

Every year about 4.7 million people are bitten by dogs. Among these, most are children. As a parent, you can reduce this risk by teaching your children smart behavior around dogs. Laying the


French Onion Soup


by Chef Randy This is a very satisfying onion soup recipe. Serve it with or without the French bread and the Gruyere cheese top. The potato peel broth is a separate recipe in itself and is good to make ahead of time for those cold nights or afternoons when you want a tasty homemade soup

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Croissant Sandwich


by Chef Randy For a complete breakfast, I serve this with a side of country-style fried potatoes and fresh orange juice. For lunch, I serve with a side of pasta salad. ‘Nuff said. Ingredients: 8 tablespoons prepared pesto (divided) 2 medium tomatoes (sliced) Salt and fresh cracked black pepper to taste 2 avocados (peeled, pit

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MushroomLentil Pâté


by Chef Randy When I hear the word pâté, I picture a slice of toasted baguette with a modicum of creamy pâté spread on top. Until recently, I hadn’t considered making my own because I thought it had to be made with liver and that it took a lot of prep time. By using mushrooms,

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Grilled Corn and Sausage Kabobs


by Chef Randy Brush down and clean your outdoor grill. It’s barbecue season! This recipe features fresh corn, fresh bell peppers, and Lightlife Italian Sausage. It is easy to make, looks great when taken off the grill, and is super tasty. You can use my tomato-balsamic marinade or use 1/3 cup of your favorite bottled

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Twice-Baked Potatoes, Mexican Style


by Chef Randy This is a hearty side dish stuffed into one tasty shell. Think of these as twice baked potatoes with a nice little kick! They are healthy, easy to prepare, and both vegetarian and gluten-free. What could be better? As with my Twice Baked Potatoes with a Twist, these may be made ahead

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