• Saddles For Soldiers Fund Raiser a Success

    Two weeks ago, more than 100 people turned out to show their support for Saddles for Soldiers. The successful spaghetti fundraiser featured Boy Scouts cooking for the crowd. Kathy Anthony and

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  • James Dean Lives!

    Muralist Nerses Avdyan, his daughter Jessica and his painting partner John H. Ponce put the finishing touches on their mural of James Dean this last weekend. What started as a dream of cleaning

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  • Arson Possible In Pinewood Fire

    by David DeMullé The calls started coming in around 4 a.m. from a homeless individual and then from residents of Greeley Street reporting that they saw men running down the street. Fire

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  • One Accident Leads to Another in Nassau Fire

    by David DeMullé It was a slow night as news nights go and I was sitting back watching the “Trump Debacle” when the call came in for a structure fire at the intersection of Nassau and Hillrose. I

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Sunland Crafters Hold “Bootique”

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Dale Gibson Interview With Horse Trader Mag

Dale Gibson.

This interview originally appeared in Horse Trader Magazine Horse Trader (HT): Dale, are there any similarities in the role of a movie stunt rider and running as a candidate for L.A. City Council? Dale Gibons (DG): Being on budget and being on time are the most important things dealing with the city and, especially, on

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2017’s Top Kitchen Designs Trends


by Ed Castellanos While a home’s curb appeal may draw buyers in, its interior matters just as much, if not more. Several features are high on the wish list of today’s home buyer, including a modern kitchen. Whether you’re thinking of starting a remodel or you’re just curious about what the future holds, check out

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She Loves

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The Credit Score


by Ed Castellanos Are you considering making a major purchase, like buying a home, this year? If so, your credit score will likely come into play. An understanding of the basics can help you effectively monitor and manage it. Credit Score 101 Your credit score will usually range from 300 to 850. It’s derived from

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Crime Sats


Crime Stats

Theft 03/23/17 04:30 PM 8500 BLOCK OF FOOTHILL BL Burglary 03/21/17 02:00 AM 8400 BLOCK OF FOOTHILL BL Theft 03/21/17 02:30 PM 9000 BLOCK OF LA TUNA CANYON RD Theft 03/19/17 01:00 AM 10400 BLOCK

News From Your Clinic

Dr. Sam

Itchy Insulation

by Sam Samalin, PA-C Today we have a letter from a concerned reader and possible patient, and owing to patient-doctor confidentiality, I have left out the person’s name. Dear Doctor Sam, I’m

View From The Rock


CD-7 Primary and How This Election will Go

Well, boys and girls, it’s that time again, and again. Elections are coming and so are the photoops. It seems like every day, someone is having a get-together at some one’s restaurant — not to

Movie Reviews


Movie Review: Power Rangers

by Bob Garver Last week I reviewed “Beauty and the Beast,” which was based on a beloved classic from my childhood. This week’s film is “Power Rangers,” which is also based on a property I was


Dear Editor 3-12-17

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Dying to Know All About You

Dear Editor, I’ve been away for a couple of years and was going through my boxes of stuff and I found some of your old papers (2009) It made me think: How do you get all those wreck pictures? Do you cause them? And what happens to the people in the pictures? I never read

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Police lied — Again!

Dear Editor, I used to brag to my family and friends about how much I loved living in Sunland, CA. Now, I can’t even sleep at night and everyone on Odell Ave. is on edge and up all night standing guard waiting for the next crime to happen. My neighbors and I have become the

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K-Mart needs to be utilized!

Dear Editor, I want to use this letter to communicate some important information about the future of the Sunland-Tujunga community to those reading today’s Foothill Paper. I imagine that most of you who have lived here since 2004 or before are aware of the community’s fight to prevent Home Depot from opening a store on

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Why aren’t teachers teaching?

Dear Editor, I’m a single conservative/ small business owner, raising a 12 yr old daughter in a left wing society! It’s been a crazy election year at that! But also raising a child is pretty crazy too! Not being able to afford private school for my child, I have to depend on our local public

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Matthew Frank “SLOstringer”:


A public memorial has been organized for Matthew Frank, who many in the community knew as SLOStringer, a man whose breaking news coverage highlighted the work of local first responders. The memorial ride and candlelight vigil is being planned for April 5, according to the Facebook event page, “Matthew Frank SLOStringer Memorial Ride and Vigil.”

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Gerald William Tiedeman


Gerald “Jerry” William Tiedeman, 76, passed away peacefully on January 10, 2017 at Frank R. Howard Hospital in Willits after an eight-year battle with cancer. He leaves behind his wife of 22 years, Nancy (Glashoff, Murphy) Tiedeman; his sister, Carol (Deemer) Flora; daughters, Jerilynn Ekman, Kim Mileweski, Debra Hill, Stacy Katz, Kellie Clay and Cherish

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Ray Antonio Jones


Ray Antonio “Batman” Jones was born on April 9th, 1974 in Burbank, CA. He passed away on January the 4th of 2017 in Sunland, CA. He is survived by his parents Ray & Sharon Jones, his siblings Nicole (David) Maga, Jennifer (Husseine) Mohamed, David (Alynne) Jones, James Jones, Taylor Jones, his daughter Taylia (Brett) Trevillian.

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Lovinia M. Avril


Born January 17, 1943 and passing away December 30, 2016 at the young age of 73 just shy of her 74th birthday. She passed in the home of her son Chris and his wife Holly, continuously surrounded by the love of family and friends. Born Lovinia Parris in La Fayette Georgia, she learned to hunt,

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Memorial for Brad Elze


Another tragic traffic accident on Foothill Blvd. RIP Brad Elze.   DISCLAIMER: Some people misread my comments about past Rotary presidents Ellis Roberts and Michael Lucas. Ellis did not lie about the comments; Ellis doesn’t lie!

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How to Put The Brakes On Pet Car Sickness

With winter travel in high gear many of us plan on hitting the road with our pooches for a little winter fun. However, for some four-legged family members, road trips can mean upset tummies.


Twice-Baked Potatoes, Mexican Style


by Chef Randy This is a hearty side dish stuffed into one tasty shell. Think of these as twice -baked potatoes with a nice little kick! They are healthy, easy to prepare, and both vegetarian and gluten-free. What could be better? As with my Twice-Baked Potatoes With a Twist, these may be made ahead of

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Stuffed Tomatoes With Avocado and Fresh Mozzarella


by Chef Randy Avocados may be high in total fat but did you know they are low in saturated fat and are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals such as potassium, vitamin E, B vitamins and folic acid? Now that you know, buy fresh California and pair them with fresh grown tomatoes and marinated fresh

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Root Tarte Tatin


by Chef Randy Tarte Tatin is generally an upside-down tart of apples or other fruit. This one features vegetables and is a cross between my Back To Our Root Vegetables and Tomato Tarte Tatin recipes. It combines tasty root vegetables with fresh herbs and puff pastry. In addition to taste, this dish looks amazing when

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Basic Tomatillo Salsa Verde


by Chef Randy Tomatillos are a hard, small fruit that are a bit tart, yet slightly sweet – earthy but with a hint of citrus. In other words, like nothing else. You may have seen them in the store with their green husks and thought they were weird, green tomatoes. They are used to make

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Ojai Valley GlutenFree Cookbook


A new cookbook, Ojai Valley GlutenFree Cookbook, by Ojai chef and author Randy Graham is now available for purchase. All of the 87 recipes in this book are gluten-free and vegetarian. In addition, 45 of the recipes are not only gluten-free but also vegan and are denoted as such in the table of contents. The

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